For Families

How much does it cost to create a family account on OpenStaff?

OpenStaff is 100% FREE to join. You only pay for the care you book, and only after the Educational Mentor has completed the booking request.

How much does it cost to book an Educational Mentor?

This is one of our great advantages! With OpenStaff, you are in complete control! Create a job when you need care and set an hourly rate that best fits your budget. We only charge a 10% service fee based on total wages and a flat booking and processing fee of $4.90 per transaction.

What does being an OpenStaff Certified Member mean?

Peace of mind! All active teachers and Educational Mentors in the OpenStaff network have completed a rigorous vetting and qualification process that includes, but is not limited to:

  • 7-Step Background Check
  • Fingerprinting-based Criminal History Check
  • 18+ years old
  • Valid Identity Documentation
  • High School Diploma or higher
  • Pre-Service Training and Continuous Education Courses
  • COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol Training
  • Pediatric CPR & First Aid Certificate
When can I book an Educational Mentor for my child?

With our 24/7 on-demand app, you can post your request anytime, anywhere!

Is there a minimum amount of time required for booking and Educational Mentor?

OpenStaff does not impose a minimum numbers of hours, although similar to other childcare programs, it might be hard to find a mentor willing to accept a booking for less than three hours. With that said, we still encourage you to post a job based on your needs!

What can I do to enhance my satisfaction with this experience?

We recommend using the fields "Job Description and Additional Information" to briefly provide relevant information, such as expectations, child allergies, house pets, etc., when posting your request. If you leave the house, please make sure to give your Educational Mentor contact information and emergency numbers to call.

Are Educational Mentors employees of OpenStaff?

No. Educational Mentors are independent providers within the OpenStaff network.

If I meet an Educational Mentor through OpenStaff, am I allowed to book them outside the network?

Unfortunately, No.

Established in the Terms and Conditions Agreement, all requests, communication, hires and payments must be placed through the app. In the event that an Educational Mentor accepted a job with a family she or he met through OpenStaff, we will be force to remove that individual from our network, meaning she or he will no longer be eligible to receive jobs through OpenStaff neither from you nor anyone else.

Can I invite my own caregivers to join OpenStaff so I can use the platform to book and pay them?

Yes, please do! We love meeting new people and having qualified childcare providers within our network.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

We'd love to hear from you! Please email us at any questions, comments or feedback. We always welcome input ideas on how we can improve our platform.

For Teachers

How much will I earn?

The hourly wage is determined by the hiring institution. However you do have the opportunity to set your own rate on yor profile as well. You will also be able to see the rate before accepting any request.

Can I set my own schedule?

Absolutely! This is one of the many benefits of being a part of the OpenStaff network ? you can create the schedule you want and need.

Do I have to pay you anything?

No! OpenStaff is 100% FREE with no fees or commissions.

Can I try it for a while and then close my account if I decide not to continue?

Of course! ?We are here whenever you need us.

Will you withhold taxes from my earnings?

When you join the OpenStaff network, you are regarded as an Independent Contractor, not an employee. This means that you will receive a 1099 Tax Form each year, which the government will require you to pay your own income tax (i.e. self-employment tax).

Can you assure me a number of hours I will work?

OpenStaff can not guarantee a certain number of hours as the workflow is given by the number of substitute requests submitted by the institutions on the network.

Can I get my Pediatric CPR & First Aid certificate online?

Unfortunately, no. The Child Care Licensing Department requires that all employees working at a licensed facility must complete a hands-on?Pediatric CPR & First Aid certification every two years.

Where can I get my Pediatric CPR & First Aid certificate and complete my 8 hours of Pre-Service Training?

There are plenty of resources online, however if you google CPR certification near me?or Child Care Training Courses,?you will find a great variety of options. We have no restrictions or preferences, just as long as the provider is duly accredited, and that the Pediatric CPR also includes First Aid.

We will be continuously adding helpful information to our Resources for Teachers section on our website.

In addition to the 8 hours of Pre-Service Training, is there any additional training I need to complete?

No, not to get started! With that said, the Child Care Licensing Department requires that every employee completes 24 clocked hours of training within every 12 months of employment.

For Centers

Are all substitute teachers qualified and in compliance with CCL?

Yes. We ensure that all the teachers of the OpenStaff network have completed the requirements outlined by the Child Care Licensing Department of the State of Texas.

Isn't it cheaper to find someone on my own?

While it may seem that way, it actually is not! When hiring someone yourself, you have to consider several things besides the hourly wage, such as:

  • the time and money spent in the process to find the candidate
  • the time and money invested in the candidate to have him meet all qualifications needed
  • the impact of the payroll taxes (which is higher than our service fee)
  • additional employee benefit costs, such as vacations, sick days, workers compensation insurance, etc.
Can I hire for a permanent position an OpenStaff network member?

Absolutely! When this is initiated, a Permanent Placement Fee of $199 will be applied. The teacher will then be released from the OpenStaff network and all relevant documents transferred to the institution.

Can I directly contact and OpenStaff network member for a temporary or permanent job?

Unfortunately, no. Established in the Terms and Conditions Agreement, all requests, communication, hires and payments must be placed through the app. If OpenStaff deems that an institution or teacher is breaking this contract, they will be charged a fee and/or sustain legal proceedings against them.

What can I expect from the teacher that is placed in my center?

We ensure that all teachers within the OpenStaff network have a strong vocation to the care and education of children, and are willing to do their best to keep al center operation policies and priorities.

After registering with OpenStaff, am I in any obligation to use your services?

Absolutely not! However, we are always here for you when you need us!

When can I submit a substitute request?

You can submit a request through our 24/7 on-demand app whenever and wherever you need a substitute.

How does billing work?

After a request is completed, a hold will be placed on your account for the estimated amount of the job. This amount will be calculated according to the information provided from the request. Once the job is completed, the OpenStaff app will use the actual time worked to calculate the final amount, which will then be debited from your account.

How do we keep track of the hours worked?

All hours will be tracked in the app through a log-in and log-out feature.

Do I have to provide a meal or rest break?

If the employee works for more than six consecutive hours, it is highly recommended to offer a 30 minute break. After all, a hungry or tired employee is usually not the most productive one.

Can I leave a review for the teacher once the job is completed?

You absolutely can! In fact, we strongly recommend that you do to not only improve our network, but also to provide other institutions with references for future substitute candidates. This feature is what our network relies on to provide you with exceptional teachers!

We're always here to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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