Temporary Event Staff

Event staff wear many hats to ensure a successful and smooth-running event. Their duties can vary depending on the size and type of event (concert, conference, trade show, wedding, etc.)

Your on-demand OpenStaff directory of Event staff workers can vary depending on their specific training and certifications, but here’s a general overview of some common responsibilities:

Before the Event:

  • Set-up: Assisting with setting up furniture, stages, decorations, audio/visual equipment, and other infrastructure according to the event plan.
  • Registration: Processing guest registrations, checking IDs, and issuing badges or wristbands.
  • Logistics: Unloading and organizing equipment and supplies delivered to the venue.

During the Event:

  • Guest Services: Greeting attendees, answering questions, providing directions, and overall ensuring a positive guest experience.
  • Security: Monitoring crowds, enforcing safety regulations, and acting as a point of contact for any security concerns.
  • Venue Maintenance: Keeping the event space clean and organized throughout the event by emptying trash cans, tidying up spills, and addressing any minor maintenance issues.

After the Event:

  • Breakdown: Assisting with dismantling equipment, decorations, and stages, and packing them up for storage or transport.
  • Clean-up: Ensuring the venue is left clean and orderly according to the contract or venue guidelines.
  • Inventory: Verifying that all equipment and supplies are accounted for and returned or stored properly.

Additional Responsibilities (may vary by event type):

  • Ticket Sales/Scanning: Selling tickets at the door or scanning electronic tickets for entry.
  • Food & Beverage Service: Assisting with catering services, setting up buffets, serving drinks, and maintaining concession stands.
  • Running Errands: Running errands as needed throughout the event, such as picking up supplies or deliveries.
  • Technical Support: For tech-heavy events, some event staff may assist with basic audio/visual tasks or troubleshoot minor technical issues.

Important Qualities for Event Staff:

  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Event staff interact with a variety of people, so clear communication and a friendly demeanor are essential.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Events can be dynamic, and event staff need to be adaptable and willing to take on different tasks as needed.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working as part of a team is crucial for a successful event.
  • Positive Attitude and Professionalism: Maintaining a positive and professional demeanor throughout the event is key to creating a good impression on guests.
  • Physical Stamina: Event work can involve long hours on your feet and some physical activity (lifting, carrying).

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