Connecting the Right Talent with the Right Opportunities

OpenStaff’s job matching technology is designed to streamline the hiring process, saving you valuable time and resources. We utilize a two-tiered approach that combines traditional matching with advanced AI-powered recommendations to ensure both efficiency and fairness.

Level 1 and Level 2

An engine which provide Level 1 - Geolocation and Skill-Based Matching, Level 2 - Advanced AI-Powered Recommendations

Targeted Reach

By matching job seeker locations with open positions in their area, we ensure that the most convenient and accessible opportunities are presented.

Skill Alignment

We analyze job seeker profiles and resumes, matching them with positions that require their specific skill sets

Real-Time Notifications

Qualified candidates receive instant alerts about new job openings that align with their preferences, increasing engagement and response rates.

Deeper Insights

Our AI model goes beyond keyword matching, identifying subtle connections and patterns in candidate profiles that might not be apparent through traditional filtering.

Bias Mitigation

We actively monitor and refine our AI model to minimize the potential for bias, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all job seekers

Empowering Agencies

These advanced recommendations are exclusively provided to staffing agencies, empowering them to make informed decisions based on a holistic view of each candidate.

Level 1

Geolocation and Skill-Based Matching

Our initial matching algorithm leverages geolocation and skills data to quickly identify candidates who meet the basic requirements of a job posting. This essential first step ensures that job seekers see relevant opportunities and staffing agencies receive a pool of qualified applicants

Level 2

Advanced AI-Powered Recommendations

To go beyond basic matching and uncover hidden potential, we employ a sophisticated generative AI engine. This engine analyzes a wider range of data points, including work history, experience, and education, to provide nuanced recommendations to staffing agencies

Addressing Bias in AI-Driven Job Matching

We understand the importance of ensuring fairness and equity in the hiring process. While AI has the potential to improve efficiency, it’s crucial to acknowledge that algorithms can sometimes perpetuate or even amplify biases present in the data they are trained on.

To mitigate this risk, our advanced AI-powered recommendations are not directly shown to job seekers or clients. Instead, they are presented as suggestions to staffing agencies, who have the expertise and context to evaluate candidates holistically, taking into account factors beyond those captured by the algorithm.

By combining the speed and efficiency of our initial matching algorithm with the deeper insights of our AI engine, we’re able to deliver a job matching experience that is both effective and equitable.